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#bookreview: Schoolgirl Missing by Sue Fortin


Her step-mum has a secret.

Her father in lying.

Everyone is watching.

Who do you believe?


When fourteen-year-old Poppy vanishes on a family boating trip, suspicion soon turns close to home – to the two people who should do everything to keep her safe, her parents, Kit and Neve. Can they really be responsible for their little girl’s disappearance?

Neve loves Poppy like her own daughter, but the truth is, she isn’t. And her very existence means Neve will never have a precious child to call her own. But would Neve harm her step-daughter simply to get her own way? In times like this Neve has always turned to her sister Megan to help. Megan will know what to do…

Kit would do anything to keep his family safe and happy. But his refusal to have another child has been causing a strain on his marriage. And he’s worried Neve’s mental state is growing increasingly unstable. But would he harm his own daughter just to prove he is in control?

As the frantic search for Poppy grows, Kit and Neve’s marriage is close to breaking point. And only one person can get what they want.

EDIE Review:

I am a fan of Sue Fortin books, with my last one being The Birthday Girl, so I was excited when this one was released – I knew it would be another great read. 

Schoolgirl Missing follows the story of Neve and Kit and their daughter, Poppy. However because Poppy is Kit’s daughter, not Neve’s, she cannot hide her unrelenting need to have a child of her own. The problem is, Kit doesn’t share the same enthusiasm. Actually, he is flat out refusing to even consider another baby. Understandably this is putting strain on their relationship, and when Poppy goes missing, the cracks begin to widen. But it seems that those around the couple may not be completely as they seem – how much do you really know those around you, or even yourself? Stress and fear can make even the most stable person make some questionable decisions. 

I absolutely loved the way in which this story developed. The plot was really interesting and kept my attention throughout. The author deliberately maneuvers the storyline to change direction numerous times throughout, causing the reader to be thrown off the scent. I liked this element as it meant that I was consistently wondering where the story was going to turn next. There were plenty of times where I felt uneasy and unsure, especially around characters. The characters were very cleverly written – making me keep changing my mind about whether I trusted them or even if I liked them. 

The writing in this book was very emotive, handling the feelings of the characters incredibly well and voicing their inner most fears and desires well. There were definite moments of shock and disbelief as the story unfolded and Neve’s past was particularly well written, unravelling just the right amount as the story played out. I liked the revelation towards the end and I liked the inclusion of Neve’s brother and his family, in particular. 

A story full of secrets, betrayal, love, lies and suspicion. Highly recommend.  

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