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#bookreview: The Woman in the Dark by Vanessa Savage


I have this dream.
In it, I’m in the house and it’s dark and I know someone’s in there with me
Even though I can’t see them . . .

For Sarah and Patrick, family life has always been easy. But when Sarah’s mother dies, it sends Sarah into a downwards spiral. Knowing they need a fresh start, Patrick moves the family to the beachside house he grew up in.

But there is a catch: while their new home carries only happy memories for Patrick, to everyone else it’s known as the Murder House – named for the family that was killed there.

Patrick is adamant they can make it perfect again, though with their children plagued by nightmares and a constant sense they’re being watched, Sarah’s not so sure.

Because the longer they live in their ‘dream home’, the more different her loving husband becomes . . .

EDIE Review:

I have to start by saying I had been waiting to read this novel for absolutely ages. The anticipation behind opening the first chapter was immense and once I had done so, I devoured the story instantly.

The Woman in the Dark is the story of Sarah and Patrick. After losing her mother, Sarah’s mental health deteriorates and she begins to struggle with everyday life. But husband Patrick has an idea – his childhood family home has come up for sale and he wants to move the whole family in. Sitting in a beautiful, idyllic location by the sea, his childhood home could easily be mistaken for the perfect, Georgian beach house that they all dream of, but it’s hiding some nasty secrets. Because to Patrick, it may be perfect, but to everyone else it’s, The Murder House – the place where people have died horrendous deaths. And after just a few days of living there, Sarah and her family begin to wonder if they know the whole story behind Patrick’s ‘perfect house.’

I love it when a book keeps me guessing and this story had me guessing, and second guessing, myself constantly. The book is split into sections which I really liked. I found it helped keep pace well and enabled me to identify the different parts of the story. The beginning set the scene perfectly and gave me a real sense of the characters I was reading about. The following two sections built the story – and boy, what a story it was! And the final section unravelled the truth, bit by bit.

I couldn’t read this book fast enough. It was one of those stories that you desperately inhale because it is so compelling and feeds you just the right amount of story to keep you frantically flicking those pages. But equally, you enjoy it so much you want to slow it down and for it to never end.

As the story developed, I started to really mistrust my character judgement and questioned what I thought was real. The characters were well written and I felt I had a clear sense of their identity, so when cracks began to show, I felt betrayed by these characters. They were not who I thought they were – they were lying to me!

I really felt, numerous times, that I had guessed it. I knew what the big twist was going to be. But I didn’t. I totally missed it. So when I did see it, I couldn’t believe it- I love that about stories, I love it when they trick me into a false sense of security.

This book was creepy, compelling and most definitely one of the most unputdownable books I have read lately. I cannot wait to see what this author brings out next.

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