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#bookreview: ‘Horrid Henry and the Secret Club’ by Francesca Simon and ‘I want to be’ by Tony Ross


Four stories about Henry, in which he has to face Nurse Needle for an injection, torments his brother Peter, creates havoc at his birthday party, and plans revenge when Moody Margaret won’t let him into her secret club.


This was an enjoyable read with lots of laughs and mischief. Easy to read and follow, with underlying themes to teach children about life, presented as funny pranks and realistic events. Children will love the cheeky adventures of this boy!

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Now that the Little Princess can use her potty, she decides it is time to grow up and be something. Her family and friends are eager to give their advice, but the Little Princess has an unexpected idea of her own!


I really like this picture book. I think it does well to encourage the reader to understand that even though lots of people say you must be all these things, to be yourself is the most important thing. I really like that, at the end, it shows the child that perspective is so different between everyone. How they see themselves is not necessarily how others see them. They may think they are bad at things but actually, they are probably better than they believe.

The delivery is fun, easy to follow and identifiable. The characters are loving and easy to listen to and they have some great advice for the reader – everyone should be kind and loving. And it was nice to see the characters saying nice things about each other too, showing consideration and kindness (“ be loving, like your mother.”).

Amusing illustrations and a funny twist at the end, this is a great little book to read with young ones.

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