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#bookreview: Mumboss by Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum


In Mumboss, Vicki Psarias, founder of, shares her #mumboss manifesto for surviving and thriving at work and at home. Vicki writes about everything from juggling work and family, to regaining your confidence after having a baby and battling imposter syndrome.An award-winning blogger and vlogger, in this book Vicki shares how to turn your passions into a business that suits the modern mum’s lifestyle – all you need is a table and a laptop.

Mumboss is full of practical advice, tips and tricks to help fellow #mumbosses navigate both the real and digital worlds.Vicki’s funny, fresh approach to life and work as a mum has brought her a loyal fanbase and a brilliantly successful business: her blog Honest Mum is one of the UK’s most popular parenting and lifestyle sites, and the blog combined with Vicki’s social channels has an average monthly reach of 1 million.A Lean In for the blogging and vlogging generation, Mumboss is an essential book for all parents, whether they are returning to work or looking to start a new career, as well as anyone looking to build their brand or business online.

EDIE Review:

A very informative book full of practical and easy to follow tips and advice for all mums out there who want to grow their business. The steps are broken down and easy to digest – even for the technophobic! All advice is jargon free with great references from industry professionals.

Some of the topics included are:

*becoming a mum,

*returning to work

*building a business

*the art of juggling

*blogging and vlogging


A handy guide to have by your bedside. Highly recommend

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